Off The Map Co:Conspirators

For 30 years, Jim Henderson + Jim Hancock have advised, coached, and mentored leaders of all ages.

Now, with Off The Map they’ve brought their combined experience together under one roof. And, with Off The Map Co:Conspirators they are helping meaning-makers navigate the territory where business and meaning meet.

“It’s taken us awhile but we've learned how to sell ourselves without selling our souls and now we're ready to help others do that too.” 

In the fall of 2020, Off the Map launched our first Co:Conspirators Cohort 

Given our bent toward collaborative designing, refining, and delivering — the name Co:Conspirators seemed like the idea to beat. We've both traveled off the map for most of our careers and, along the way connected with a lot of people on projects lasting from a couple of months to a couple of years. Saving contact info from folks we enjoyed working with seemed natural, because you never know, right?

A few of those collaborators came to feel like co-conspirators — like people we work with to make the world measurably better by “inventing the new and rearranging the old in new ways” (h/t Mike Vance for that definition of creativity). That’s how the two of us became personal and professional co-conspirators. 

Over the past few years working together, one or the other of us has often said, "Don’t you wish you’d learned that 20 years earlier…." and "How much time do you think you would have saved if someone taught you that when you were 30 (40, even 50), instead of having to learn it the hard way…."

It doesn’t take supernatural powers to divine where those conversations led us.



Off the Map Co:Conspirators is a 14-Month Cohort Exploration on making meaning — learning how to sell yourself and your big ideas without selling your soul



The Big Takeaways…

  • How to make meaning and make a living

  • How to stop wasting time — years! — learning the hard way

  • Learning to work on what matters

  • How to get to the best ideas fast

  • How to make collaborations work — or get out when you’re convinced they can't

  • Harnessing the power of co-belligerency

  • How to sell without being slimy

  • How to not be an ass — and how ask for do-overs if you were

  • How to shine the spotlight on what matters

  • Leading + Managing by Values



The Off the Map Co:Conspirators Cohort is open to anyone, anywhere...

  1. who is willing to work with us (and, for what it’s worth, we work hard at understanding and taking responsibility for the unearned benefits we enjoy as straight, white, male Americans)

  2. who makes a convincing case that they are actively revising their worldview by intentionally moving beyond the margins of their comfort zone

  3. who prefers deliverables over talking things to death.

  4. who exhibits a capacity for solo work and a preference for purposeful collaboration

"Convincing" us begins with the brief application at the bottom of this page. 



How to know if this could be for you.

  • You think you’re approaching a crossroads in your career, professional, or personal development.
  • You’ve been in the workforce long enough to think you know what we mean by a crossroads in your career, professional, or personal development.
  • You've ruled some things out, but you haven't yet figured out exactly what kind of story you want your life to tell … or you’re wrapping up one chapter of your life and are ready to start crafting a new one.
  • You are motivated to face and resolve your conflicted feelings about making meaning and making money.



Full Disclosure

Working off the map has not made either of us wealthy. Like most meaning-makers, we tend to be driven more by passion than profit. Whether you think that sounds noble or naive, we’ve discovered that the bottom line looks something like this:

No Margin = No Mission

Most meaning-makers need coaching on how to create a path to money … not wealth for most of us, but enough

We'll talk a lot about money because meaning-makers need to come to terms with what’s true and what’s not true about money. Talking about money isn’t guaranteed to keep things honest, but it does keep things real. 

Case in point: Many — maybe most — meaning makers never learn to tell the difference between people who want to make money with us versus those who want to make money off us. We’ll help you learn to do that.

You might be resistant to this conversation because, let’s face it, most of us have been taught to associate money with manipulation. Both of us — and our spouses and children with us — have suffered failures and enjoyed successes in this area. We’ll share what we’ve learned with you and do our best to coach you into new ways of thinking about the connections — and the disconnects — between money and meaning. 


Obviously, we can’t guarantee you’ll make more money as a direct result of joining Off the Map’s Co:Conspirators Cohort. What we believe we can do is save you ten years of stupidity — maybe 20 if you’re young. We can guide you through lessons we wish we’d learned a lot sooner … lessons we believe someone could have helped us learn if only we’d known the right people to approach and the right questions to ask.

What’s in it for Off The Map goes well beyond any margin we realize from what you or your organization pay to be part of the cohort. We chose the term Co:Conspirators because we want to be face-to-face with active learners. People who have a bias for deliverables, who prefer the actionable over the aspirational and who can creatively push us and bring out the best in us, too, because learning is a two way street.

Before we’re done, we’ll do everything we can to assist everyone in your cohort in designing, and launching a meaning-making venture.

Off The Map’s Co:Conspirator Cohort is a laboratory for meaning-makers and change agents who will invest the next 15 or even 30 years working for the common good, making the world a better, safer, more robust and resilient place to live and work and be. 

We choose to pursue this work with a cohort because — borrowing a saying we first encountered in South Africa — If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

We want to help you go far — to go beyond us. As part of the Co:Conspirators Cohort, we hope you’ll befriend other meaning-makers with whom you’ll travel to new places in your thinking and practice.



Time . Our Fiercest Opponent

We won’t waste your time — or ours — with busywork.

  • We’ll expose you to carefully curated readings, videos, and podcasts
  • We’ll ask for writing assignments or video/audio responses only when it makes sense for your personal or professional development.
  • We’ll work with you to identify a project you care about — a book, movie, live event, podcast, a life transition, a business or organization launch, a collaboration, a civic movement … whatever sets your head and heart on fire...
  • We'll coach you into the design process and go with you as far as possible toward your project delivery.
  • We'll introduce you to others who can think with you about designing and refining your project.
  • Our primary focus is on helping you discover off-the-map thinking and practices you can apply in your meaning-making work to create value in the world.

The cohort runs 12 Sessions over 14 months, with July and December off. The time investment is something like this:

  • One monthly all-Cohort Zoom learning experience — about two hours
  • Resources; print, online, audio, video, meetups, Learning Labs — up to you
  • One monthly Working Group Session — an hour or so, depending on what you’re working on
  • A Personal coaching call (or calls, as needed) with one of us or both of us – an hour +/-
  • Project design, development, and delivery — depends on what you’re working on


What You Can Expect

  • Twelve Zoom Sessions over 14 months, featuring live instruction and dialog with Jim Henderson + Jim Hancock [No all-hands Sessions in July and December]
  • Exposure to select subject-matter experts and practitioners
  • Regular Office Hours and coaching calls with Jim + Jim
  • All Access privileges to Off the Map and 3Practice events and training (in-person or online) in the two calendar years that coincide with your Co:Conspirator Learning Cohort, including 3Practice Circle Leader Training, Off the Map Learning Labs + Skills Workshops, 3Practices In Real Life, and 3Practice Book Clubs.*
  • Peer-to-Peer Working Groups for insight, assistance, and encouragement on individual project development and personal development — and if the mix is right, collaboration and partnership on project development and delivery.

* We’re not saying we’ll pay your expenses if we hold an event on Mars — we’re saying you won’t have to pay to participate in the event.

If we invent anything new in that timeframe — e.g. something that costs us real money to produce and deliver —  we’ll give you the best cost + price possible.



Questions? Contact us here, or via email at [email protected] or [email protected].

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