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A 3Practice Story Circle

Fred Lynch 

This is When I Knew My Race Matters

This is storytelling as a team sport.

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3Practice Circle Explainer

In a nutshell, this is what you can expect in a 3Practice Circle.

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Waking Up White in America

Here’s a 3Practice Zoom Circle from June, 2020, that explores unearned privilege.

One beauty of Zoom Circles is that we can include people from all over.


Brian McLaren

Brian McLaren, whose writing, speaking, and lecturing you may know, talks with Jim Henderson and Jim Hancock about 3Practice Circles. Spoiler alert: He like them for a very particular set of reasons!


3Practices Explainer

Before COVID-19, 3Practice Circles were, literally, people sitting together in Circles. Now folks come from all over to practice crossing the difference divide.

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Peter Block

Peter Block, famous for his writing on business and community-building, talks with Jim Henderson + Jim Hancock about crossing the difference divide.


Jim Henderson at TEDx Everett

Jim Henderson introduces the 3Practices a ta TEDx event in Everett Washington.